El Greek by Parviz

Greek Cuisine is the perfect meal to enjoy life with your family, partner or friends, as you would in Greece.
​ As in the rest of the Mediterranean basin, the oldest and most characteristic ingredient in Greek cuisine is olive oil, which is present in almost all our dishes.
Get ready to try the best dishes of lamb, fish, meat, feta cheese, kefalotvri, among other denomination of origin cheeses.
​ We invite you to try our mezze, a set of hors d'oeuvres or starters accompanied by various sauces and our traditional pita bread, musaca (moussaka), a kind of lasagna with aubergines (instead of pasta) and our famous gyros accompanied with tomato and onion.
Enjoy a good dose of love and creativity accompanied by a fair amount of alcohol, wine, beer and above all with our Ouzo!

"El Greek by Parviz, authentic Traditional Greek Cuisine on the Costa del Sol".


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The Pleasure of our Clients is our Pride

Because it is not possible to eat Greek on the Costa del Sol.
Because Parviz Monavaris, thanks to his great experience in restaurant and hotel management, has already done it with Indian cuisine.
Greek cuisine has been around for over 4,000 years. More than food, it is a way of life.
"The pleasure of our customers is our pride and perseverance is our mission"


"The pleasure of our customers is our pride and perseverance is our mission"

Amazing meal, fantastic service! In a beautiful setting… will definitely visit again

Charlotte Colburn

Tuve una gran experiencia allí hoy. La comida fue absolutamente deliciosa, el personal cálido, amable y muy atento. Las porciones eran enormes y también disfrutaban mucho de la música griega. ¡Volveré seguro, simplemente encantador por todos lados!

Christine Piqué

Had a fantastic meal last night at El Greek, such an extensive menu it was difficult to choose what to have. The moussaka was served piping hot and was absolutely delicious. The service was highly efficient and friendly.

Alistair Ashworth

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